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DJ's & VJ's.

Our DJs know how to project their excellent music knowledge on the dancefloor.

With their individual cross-over-sounds and long-year experience in the event business and club scenery, they will bring your vision of a perfect party to life. Combined with the VJ, you will experience the ultimate fusion of sound and vision.


Are you looking for great voices and fantastic entertainers?

Our singers know exactly how to produce goose bumps while bringing everyone on the dancefloor to shake their hips! 


Music - the only universal language we have. And our musicians are native speakers.

Having shared the stages with platinum awarded artists, they will thrill you and your guests to the maximum. 


Transform the band performance into a real show. Inspired by the big international top acts, we have produced a unique show for you with the perfect interaction of music, visuals, light and dance! 


Have we piqued your interest? Feel free to contact us.

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